Tuned In vintage radio museum

Branding for Tuned In a vintage radio museum showcasing radios from the 60’s to the 90’s.

Client - Tuned In (Class Project) Role - Branding, Packaging, and Booklet design


The Branding for Tuned In Vintage Radio Museum reflected the design of the vintage radios, but kept the branding modern. The design theme was to “Connect modern people with the radios of the past.”

Asset 1.png
logo sean will hate.png
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The radios were used as inspiration for the logo design. The logo uses heavy linework and circular shapes to mimic the dials and speakers found on the vintage radios. The project included a logo, packaging, and a museum catalog. With the branding of this project, A 3D virtual reality environment for the museum was created. 


spread examples from booklet


I am currently working on a Interactive 3D exhibit to go along with the Tuned In branding. The exhibit will include the interior and exterior of the museum and will feature the radios found in the museum catalog.